Terri Osvog
Life Coach


The power rests in you.
Let's find the strength you are looking for. Write what is on your mind.


Coaching for Students and Young Adults 

Your time is now! The transition period between being a teenager and adult is a time with new freedoms and responsibilities.

Young adulthood may bring unwanted stress, sleepless nights or personal, financial, and academic dilemmas. Some people are overwhelmed or frustrated when effort does not bring an expected outcome. 

Life Coaching addresses stress and brings clarity to life. Everyone needs understanding and support now and then. Whether to begin again or become unstuck from misery, there are solutions. The process of looking for possibilities with someone who cares is uplifting!

A Life Coach is not an adult pressing you with an agenda that is not yours. Coaching is like talking to yourself in the mirror, reflecting, understanding, being compassionate when life seems to be at its worst. Coaching helps you stay real and objective. Life Coaches are open to listening and definitely there for you without all the drama and emotional turmoil! 

Do you have people holding you back or dragging you down?

Do you feel bullied or pressured?

Is life stressful? 

Is it difficult to focus or read?

Need to end an unhealthy relationship?

Feeling overwhelmed with choices? 

Would you like someone to understand and remain non-judgmental?

A Life Coach honors you and your identity. 

We will work as a team focused on you and your life:

-   Defining purpose: What is my passion? What gets me moving?

-   Understanding you and your hopes 

-   Identifying talents and potential

-   Surveying skills you will need

-   Knowing personal capabilities

-   Creating a working plan that will bring a series of successes

-   Inviting those who will endorse and support your goals into your life.

Begin the adventure! It's time you had your own personal Life Coach! Athletes and student athletes have them.  

Your time is now! Text me at 214-728-9777 or email me more information at coachterri@lifeiscontagious.com right here.