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The power rests in you.
Let's find the strength you are looking for. Write what is on your mind.


Coaching for Students and Young Adults

What will we talk about in student coaching?

1. Stress either from teachers, parents, organizations/sports, college choices or friends

2. What is going on when something or someone is intolerable

3. How to learn a subject having little immediate value

4. Show up in class and turn on attention to learn rather than relearn everything at home, or give up

5. Start and finish chores, assignments or projects while having time for yourself and friends

6. What your strengths and passions are

7. What is important to you and why

8. How to get what you want and ease through what is a challenge

An ADHD Coach is not an adult pressing you with an agenda that is not yours.

Coaching is...

     - your honest and curious self talking, no judgement

     - a voice who reflects & seeks to understand  

     - compassionate when life seems to be at its worst

     - real and objective, without drama and emotional turmoil

     - honors you and your identity.

For Young Adults: Your time is now!

The transition period between being adolescence and emerging adulthood is a time with new freedoms and responsibilities.

Young adulthood may bring unwanted stress, sleepless nights or personal, financial, and academic dilemmas. You may be living at home and dreaming of the day you will be free to be on your own.

Your parents may want you out of the house but you are without the resources to make the move into adulthood. Family calls it a "Failure to Launch". The conflict is high or you are forced to avoid others.

In coaching, we will work on the 'how to adult' skills you want to gain to move you forward. Ask your parents for coaching!

Parents, give your young adult the freedom to figure life out with a coach who works with them to learn how their brain works and build their skills of taking on adult responsibilities.

Your time is now! Text me at 214-728-9777 or email me more information at coachterri@lifeiscontagious.com right here.