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What is...
Procrastination, Stress, Poor Memory, Disorganization, Clutter, Failing Grades, Anger, Worry, Low Energy, Lack of Focus, Money and Relationship Issues 
...doing to better your life?

If you were to exchange one of these frustrations for a new habit, how would your life change for the better?

What is calling for change? 

Life is contagious. If you envision a better result, a new personal best and, determinedly want life to be different...
 you can make it happen through coaching!

Welcome! My name is Terri Osvog. My mission is to help people live more successfully and grow through life challenges, ADHD tendencies, and stress.

So, why do you, or someone you love, need a coach? Humans are wired to be social and work together. A coach collaborates with you to remove the blinders that limit human potential. 

The human brain has the potential to be malleable and to regenerate neurons. The possibilities are there for creating improved thinking and action via better habits through life coaching. Imagine the results!

In the case of ADHD, a brain disorder around executive function, gaps in managing daily life at home, school and work, requires learning skills others seem to have a hold of. Life & ADHD Coaching helps people create structures to 'fill the gaps'. 

Stress also reduces the brain's ability to think expansively. Decision-making is seriously reduced with emotional hijacking. Life cycles, stress-inducing situations, ADHD-like tendencies, and relationships are 'hot' topics in coaching conversations.

The GOOD NEWS... through coaching (a health based, positive and strengths approach), the brain creates new pathways when perceptions are tweaked with creativity, openness, new skills, the replacement of ineffective habits with productive habits, and mindfulness!

Benefits: Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching, regardless of age, is known to ... 
- boost self-worth through awareness and empowerment
- changes lives over time with a health growth model
- promote calmness and clarity for fearless action
- challenge ineffective beliefs and actions for 'personal best' results
- create innovative strategies for better manageability and productivity
- increase opportunities for success!

My broad coaching strategy is to work with a client (or parents), gathering developmental growth and behavioral information, identify a person's strengths and capabilities, then help them build necessary skills or scaffolds, to create action strategies.  The client sets realistic and achievable goals for in an area of life to improve upon (school, work, home, relationships, purpose). Constant revaluation of goals, thoughts and actions, personal accountability and supportive measures are key to creating new skills and habits. Hopes and visions become the new reality - in time.

Traditional and non-traditional coaching settings include, in office, home, or on-campus, telephone, SKYPE, or library/coffee shop conversations, whatever suits your needs best. Time and distance are not an issue with telephonic coaching! I make myself available to clients through texts and emails between coaching conversations. 

Information gathering calls are for the asking - without ties. Call or text me with the best times/days to set a date for inquiry @ 214-728-9777.  Or, email me with your questions,coachterri@lifeiscontagious.com.

It would be my pleasure to serve you or your family. Let's do this together. 

Terri Osvog 

Life Coach, Executive Function/ADHD Focus
Board Certified Coach, Parent Educator
MA - Education Psychology, International Coach Federation Member

Learning about ourselves and our unique attributes provokes curiosity. Curiosity creates a quest for answers, the what, where, when, why, and how's. Life Coaching is a unique vehicle for a quest, the search for something meaningful. Questions that lead to information and insight that can change the course of life, in a positive and healthy way.