Life + ADHD Coach

Life 'Success' Is Contagious!

My mission is to help neuro-diverse individuals
discover and live their "extraordinary' life by using their strengths and resiliency to overcome challenges and transform themselves with new habits!

What is...

Procrastination, Stress, Poor Memory, Disorganization, Clutter, Failing Grades, Anger, Worry, Low Energy, Lack of Focus, Money and Relationship Issues... doing to better your life? Life 'failure' is contagious, it snowballs.

If you were to exchange one of these frustrations for a new habit, how would your life improve?

What is calling for change  now?

Life Success is also contagious!

If you envision a better result, work for new personal best and, determinedly believe you will make life different... impactful success is yours working with a Life + ADHD Coach!

Why Coaching?

Small, positive steps grow into something greater with a Life + ADHD Coach.

Coaching is a partnership. We collaborate. Together we discover your greater human potential and focus on goals that matter to you!

The human brain is malleable and able to regenerate neurons. The possibilities are there for creating improved behavior and thinking, with successful habits. Imagine the results working with an ADHD Coach who believes in you and encourages!

Coaching helps a person create structures to 'fill the gaps' in managing daily responsibilities at home, school and work without procrastination and anxiety.

Medication is only one facet to a full and successful life—learning skills and making them a habit completes the picture.

You do not have to be diagnosed with ADHD to experience similar symptoms! Stress also reduces the brain's ability to think expansively.

Decision-making is seriously reduced with stress-inducing situations, relationships in conflict, and emotional hijacking. With coaching, students and adults learn about triggers for stress, emotional regulation, and communication strategies to put an end to conflict and rumination.


The benefits for a student, parent, or professional

There is hope! Reduce stress, overwhelm, and procrastination. Turn emotions of frustration, anger, and disappointment into a belief that
"I am good, I am a learner, I will achieve my dreams and hopes." 

+ Improved relationships at home, school and at work
+ Greater self-worth through awareness and empowerment
+ Change over time with a healthy growth model
+ Calmness and clarity for fearless action
+ Achievements by starting and finishing tasks/projects
+ Increased productivity and organization
+ Increases opportunities for academic success and income

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